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Page 2 News: March 1, 2012 – March 10, 2012


How to remove your Google Web Data History
Do you know if Google is tracking your Web activity? If you have a Google account (for, say, Gmail) and have not specifically located and paused the Web History setting, then the search giant is keeping track of your searches and the sites you visited. This data has been separated from other Google products, but on March 1 it will be shared across all of the Google products you use when Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect…..

Adolf Hitler’s long-lost collection of paintings discovered
A Czech historian has discovered a long-lost collection of paintings belonging to Adolf Hitler. The Telegraph reports that the unearthed works of art include a “massive” painting entitled “Memories of Stalingrad.” Even though the battle of Stalingrad was one of the German army’s most brutal defeats in World War II, the painting is said to have been one of Hitler’s favorites…..

Spiderwebs Blanket Countryside After Australian Floods
In an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, swarms of spiders spin webs in a bush in flood-ravaged Wagga Wagga (map), Australia, Tuesday. After a week of record rain, floodwaters across eastern Australia have forced the ground-dwelling spiders—and at least 13,000 people—to flee their homes, according to Reuters. The rampant webs blanketing vast stretches of Wagga Wagga are likely…..

Top 10 Zoo Escapes: Humboldt Penguin, Tokyo
The zookeepers at Tokyo Sea Life Park might have been a bit baffled when they received an emailed photo on Mar. 4 of one of their Humboldt penguins swimming in a river nearby. Upon counting their chicks, they discovered they were indeed one short of the 135 that usually roam the exhibit. The missing one-year-old penguin had somehow managed to scale a rock wall nearly twice its height (remember, penguins can’t fly) and…..


Angler’s 738-pound Pacific bluefin tuna may be biggest ever caught
A 738-pound Pacific bluefin tuna described by angler Nathan Adams as a “fish of a lifetime” may also be the largest Pacific bluefin ever landed on rod and reel. The catch was made aboard an 18-foot boat during a recent competition off Houhora in New Zealand. If it’s approved by the International Game Fish Assn., it will set an all-tackle world record, replacing a 716-pound 8-ounce Pacific bluefin…..


Ford rolls out it’s 1,000,000th Mustang on March 2, 1966
On this day, March 2 in 1966, in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company celebrated the production of its one millionth Mustang, a white convertible. The Ford Mustang was introduced at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York on April 17, 1964. That same day, the new car debuted in Ford showrooms across America. In the first week, over 20,000 cars were sold. In the 1965 model year, sales of the Mustang exceeded 500,000…..

The ten most advanced cars of their decades
As cars get ever more technically advanced, it’s important to look back and see the roots of what we now take for granted — and maybe find old ideas with modern relevance. These are Jalopnik readers’ choices for the most advanced cars in each decade of the past hundred years. Answers of the Day is a daily Jalopnik feature where editors take the ten best responses from the previous day’s…..

Bentley EXP 9 F, just your everyday 600-hp ultra luxury SUV concept
After months of rumors, Bentley revealed today a concept for its first sport utility vehicle ever: the 600-hp Bentley EXP 9 F. When it comes to vehicles for the wealthiest people in the world, restraint is so last century. This year’s Geneva Motor Show kicking off today comes stuffed like a Toblerone with nutty luxury SUV ideas, and given the success of Porsche and BMW in selling taller…..


Best Of The Caribbean For 2012
Need some compelling evidence to convince your significant other that this is the year for a trip to the Caribbean? We found hot new activities that are the cherry on top of an already ideal tropical escape. From Aruba to Grenada, here are 10 islands you shouldn’t miss in 2012……

The 45 Places to Go in 2012
It’s been 12 years since Panama regained control of its canal, and the country’s economy is booming. Cranes stalk the skyline of the capital, Panama City, where high-rises sprout one after the next and immigrants arrive daily from around the world. Among those who have landed en masse in recent years are American expatriates and investors, who have banked on Panamanian real estate by building hotels and buying retirement homes…..

World’s 10 Most Picturesque Villages
Spend a few minutes in these 10 villages and you’ll realize that “quaint” and “charming” aren’t just adjectives, they are a way of life. You’ll find the unique beauty in the stone cottages of what has been dubbed the most beautiful village in England, and along cobblestone streets lined with Gothic architecture in the Bohemia valley of Czech Republic. These are all functioning towns…..


Homes with jaw-dropping backyards
Once upon a time, a backyard with a giant swimming pool and fancy patio furniture were more than enough to while away a steamy afternoon in first-class comfort. Not anymore. These days the backyards of the rich and famous serve as personal oases with outdoor kitchens, water parks, sculpture gardens, putting greens and even ice rinks…..


Beach Beauties: Marilyn Monroe on Tobey Beach, New York – 1949

Marilyn Monroe on Tobey Beach, New York – 1949 (Photos by Andre de Dienes)

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